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"Geisha Heirloom - October 2021"
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Geisha Heirloom – October 2021

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Introducing the Geisha Heirloom, the October Coffee of the Month.

Geisha Heirloom is one of our favourite concept blends; an exploration of the unique and expressive flavours that only come from the descendants of the Typica varietals of the Coffea Arabica species.

Also referred to (perhaps somewhat less romantically) as Regional Landrace varieties, Heirloom broadly encompasses the thousands of different traditional varieties that grow wild in the forests and fields of Ethiopia and also now found around the world in quality centric origins such as Colombia, Panama, El Salvador and Costa Rica.

Compared to hybrid varieties, Heirloom coffees require greater care from the producers, very specific growing conditions and generally have lower yields. The final result in the cup however is unmistakable for its authentic complexity and nuanced, exotic flavours.

We love the vibrant profile of tropical fruits, florals and heightened sweetness and this year’s edition of Geisha Heirloom features very special lots from some of the worlds finest Geisha producers. We’re sure you’ll enjoy it as much as we do.

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