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"Galapagos Islands - La Tortuga Single Origin Coffee"
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Galapagos Islands – La Tortuga Single Origin Coffee


Introducing Galapagos Islands La Tortuga which is quite possibly the first significant shipment of specialty grade coffee from this magical & unique paradise.

We’re tasting Brown Sugar, Green Apples with a clean, crisp lingering aftertaste.

Galapagos is not only home to birds, sea lions, iguanas, dolphins, and gulls, but also to the exotic coffee of La Tortuga. The Cooperativa de Cafetaleros de Galapagos, composed of more than 80 producers, started in 1997 with the purpose of protecting the coffee industry while conserving their nature and environment.

All the farmers in Galapagos are very conscious of the animals and plants that inhabit the island. In fact, they consider themselves temporarily inhabitants and strongly believe that the owners of the land are the animals and nature.

This rare espresso coffee is available in all our Flagship Cafe’s at select partner cafes, seen below and can also be purchased online.


Penny Whistlers

Bean Roasted Espresso Bar Shellharbour

Bean Roasted Espresso Bar Kiama

Extract Espresso

Coffee On The Crescent

The Broken Drum

Steam Heads


Kafeine Balmain

Espresso on Sussex


RCC Camden

Café on Johnston


Ground Espresso

Cool Mac


3 bean st Leonard’s

Against the grind

Charlotte Cafe



Le lunar

IL bacio

Wagga Wagga



332 Manhattan


Dish & Spoon
I: @dishandspooncafe
F: Dish & Spoon Camberwell

Fifteen Pounds
I: @fifteenpoundscafe
F: Fifteen Pounds

I: @birdcagecafe
F: Birdcage Altona Café

I: @bezirkcafe
F: Bezirk


May St Larder
I: @maystreetlarder
F: May Street Larder


Mill Creek

Hard Coffee

Arrow Bean

Wandering Bull

MT Cup Espresso

Kafe Krave

Campbell and Co