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Father's Day Gift Subscription

Keep Dad

Trust us it's better than socks

Unfortunately, we’re not all as perfect as a morning cup of coffee. We’ve all done a thing or two that has kept our old man awake when he’d much rather be relaxing with a newspaper or dozing off some place comfy.


We believe that if your dad has got to be kept from his kip, he should be happy while he’s doing it which is why we’re helping you keep your dad awake with a smile on his face.

Exclusively for Father’s Day, we are offering your dad a six-month Coffee of the Month subscription with a bonus Campos Diner Mug for him to enjoy his new home delivered coffee from.

Father's Day Coffee of the Month Subscription

For the next six months dad will enjoy a new single origin coffee delivered to his door (assuming he isn’t still having arguments with Australia Post) and be kept awake by the loving reminder of how much his favourite child (you) loves him.

If dad’s more of a traditional coffee drinker, you can also buy our Father’s Day Gift Pack which comes with a bag of our Superior Blend and our limited-edition diner mug.

Or, if the big man doesn’t need to much help staying awake you can also buy our custom Campos Diner Mug on it’s own. Thick and durable, it should be able to withstand even the most heavy-handed of dads.


What is Coffee of the Month?

Coffee of the Month is a single origin coffee carefully selected and roasted by Campos Coffee. The term single origin refers to the beans being sourced from just one of the prime producing regions in the world, either from one farm or a group of coffee growers. Our Coffees of the Month are dark roasted and are ideal for espresso brewing. We hope that our Coffee of the Month introduces people to new coffee preferences and an appreciation for the flavour variety that comes from different coffee growing climates.

When will I be charged for the subscription?

You will be charged for the beans and postage each month.

Is coffee of the month always a single origin coffee?

On rare occasions the coffee of the month is sometimes a limited-edition blend created with specially selected beans from trusted sources. In this case, the orderer will be notified before they receive their coffee and can elect to be sent another amazing single origin coffee instead.

What’s a diner mug?

Inspired by the bottomless black coffee vessels from American roadside eateries, a Diner Mug is a thick and oh-so-holdable coffee cup made for dad-hands and anyone who wants to nurse a big cup of good morning.