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International Coffee day



This year the Tumaco San Jose ES-N-5 was a real standout coffee for us. It captured all the signature flavours of Esmeralda Geishas that we love, with exotic tropicals, elegant florals, super high sweetness and silky textures.


  • Use your favourite brewing method – This coffee is packed full of flavour and should taste great across all brewing methods. Using a brewing method that you’re comfortable with will help you make the most of this coffee. Learn more on brewing methods here
  • Use every bean – With only 50g of this special coffee you will want to make every bean count. If you plan to share you can get two brews using a 24g dose. If you want to keep it all to yourself you can stretch this out further into 3 brews with a 15g dose.
  • Let the coffee age – After coffee has been roasted it will continue to degas over the next couple weeks. These gases can interfere with the brewing process and bring out some undesirable flavours. We recommend letting this coffee age at least 7 days before brewing, but the flavours will continue to develop and change over the next week or so.
  • Clean your grinder before use – Try and remove any remnants of previously used coffee before grinding this coffee through.
  • Use filtered water – Your brewing water will have a significant impact on the taste of your coffee. Minerals within water can impart their own flavour on water, but will also affect how your coffee extracts. If you have a tap with a water filter then that should be your go to. If you don’t have access to filtered water then Mount Franklin water will give good results.


The best way to brew this your coffee is using the method that you’re most familiar with, though we recommend filter brewing methods as our first choice.

If you’re brewing by a pour over method, here’s our recommended recipe:

Dose: 15g
Water volume: 250mL
Water temp: 93 degrees C

  • Evenly Pour in 50g of water saturating your grounds and swirl/stir a few times to ensure all coffee grounds are wet
  • Let the coffee bloom for 45 seconds before evenly pouring 100g of water
  • Allow the water to drain and when you see the exposed coffee bed pour another 100g of water
  • Swirl your pour over and allow the water to drain

Click through to our brewing library below to view all our brew guides.


The Hacienda La Esmeralda Special Auction is one of the most anticipated coffee auctions on the calendar, and each year since 2007 they have offered their most exclusive Geisha micro-lots in a private online auction.

Throughout its history, we have been Australia’s most consistently active participant in the auction, with the signature red label of Esmeralda becoming a yearly highlight in our cafes and a regular winner in local and International roasting competitions.

Every coffee in this auction is spectacular in its own right and it can be a tough task, albeit extremely delicious, to select a favourite in amongst a selection of such high scoring coffees.

This year the Tumaco San Jose ES-N-5 was a real standout coffee for us. Tumaco is one of the separated plots on their farm Cañas Verdes, one of 4 which make up Hacienda Esmeralda along with El Velo, Palmyra and the renowned Jaramillo on which Geisha was famously rediscovered.

Lot Name: Tumaco
Varietal: Geisha
Farm: Cañas Verdes
Region: Cañas Verdes
Lot Altitude: (+) 1750 meters above sea level
Process: Natural
Harvest Date: March 15th, 2021
Drying Time: Slow dried on African raised beds for 30 days
Estimated Annual Rainfall: 3500 mm
Average Daily Temperature: 16°C – 23°C
Average Nightly Temperature: 10°C – 15°C
GPS (Lot): 8°46’27″N 82°29’38″W
Average Coffee Tree Age in Lot: 5 years
Total ha in Production in Lot: 1 ha

Produced in Boquete, Republic of Panama by the Peterson Family in Hacienda La Esmeralda.

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