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Campos at Woolworths


Learn to love what Colombian coffee is all about! Will explains why Colombia is the origin that we buy the most amount of coffee from.

Our Colombian Single Origin is sweet like caramel with flavours like chocolate malt.

Roma blend

If you want a powerful coffee then this is the one. Will explains how Roma, our darkest roast came to be and how best to brew this southern Italian style coffee blend.

Roma is Strong & Bold. Sweet like Molasses with flavours like Chocolate Milk.

Organic blend

Since our start in 2002, we’ve always loved Organic coffee. Will shares the story behind searching for the perfect beans to make the best tasting Organic blend.

Our Organic blend is creamy & balanced. Sweet like Honey and Flavours like Chocolate Orange.

Superior Blend

Our award winning blend used in all our espressos. Superior Blend is our flagship blend that started it all and still to this day it remains a much loved blend for its quality and consistency of flavour. For us it’s not just a blend. It is a project.

Superior is Caramelly & Rich Blend. Sweet like Butterscotch with flavours like Red Fruit & Apricot.

Now available in-store at Woolworths Crows Nest

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