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"Celebrating all kinds of Christmas Spirit"
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Celebrating all kinds of Christmas Spirit


Celebrating all kinds of Christmas spirit & family traditions is important at this time of year. Read about what the team at Campos will be doing this December.

Christmas is a uniquely special time for everyone for many different reasons. For the team at Campos, it’s about celebrating those early morning hallway tiptoes, backyard family cricket games, and dusting off some crowd favourite tracks for Grammy-worthy Karaoke.

Family Christmas traditions come in all shapes and sizes, and after the year we’ve all just endured together, we think they’re a little bit more special this time around.

So, from our Campos family to yours, be sure to celebrate the little things this year and spend time with the people and places who matter most to you. Whomever and wherever that may be. 

I’m an unashamed Christmas tragic…tree up on Dec 1st… the house on the street with the best lights…and hours spent watching b-grade Xmas movies on Netflix. This year I’m heading up to QLD to spend a week with family and friends. Long may the borders stay open!

Adam Matheson, Chief Coffee Officer

With everything that’s happened this year, I will be spending my Xmas holidays with what is most important, family and friends. Although I wouldn’t say no to a bit of fishing or a lazy day by the pool.

Joel Ying, Barista at Barangaroo

Christmas/New Year for Filipinos usually involves a whole day of feasting, singing carols, catching up on all the news in the family, karaoke, Santa giving the kids their presents and the mayhem that follows when all the gifts have been opened and are all being shown off or tried out all at the same time. After the year we’ve just had, my family and our friends are all just looking forward to finally seeing each other in person, marvelling at how big the kids have grown, sharing all the changes in our lives and being thankful that we have all gotten through this year mostly scot-free. No big Xmas wish list’s or NY’s resolutions for us, just hoping and praying for a safe, healthy and happier new year to come.

Geraldine Mendoza, Accountant

This year, we’re having a big Christmas at my parents’ house, we’ve invited our kiwi friends and family to spend the day with us since they can’t make it back home this year due to COVID.

Ali Woodward, Brand Manager

Since the borders have now opened my wife and I are flying down to Tasmania to spend Christmas with my extended family. Looking forward to long lunches and the back-yard cricket games.

Alex McKendrick, Art Director

Christmas for me starts at about 5 or 6 am when my 3 very excited kids get up Christmas morning to open their presents, then it’s putting together the gifts followed by a family lunch. Holidays are all about spending time with the family with some days to myself, which might be playing golf or doing a spot of fishing. But the last couple of days is just relaxing and getting ready for another big year.

Vince Beradone, Delivery Driver

Christmas this year is a trip to Geelong Victoria, to spend time with family. This year is even more special after covid-19 restrictions.

Max Blain, Delivery Team Leader

Does your family have a uniquely special Christmas tradition? Why not share it with us by tagging @camposcoffee #camposcoffee so we can join in the fun!