Case Study - Krave Kafe, QLD - Campos Coffee

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"Krave Kafe, QLD"
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Krave Kafe, QLD

Campos’s support is excellent. As any cafe owner would know, things malfunction all the time and it is less stressful for me knowing that the moment I need Campos they are there straight away with a solution or a replacement to the problem.

The resources and experience that Campos staff have are the biggest advantage to me. The fact that they have replacements for every part or experience to fix any problem. I know that if something goes wrong it gets fixed within the hour, not the next day.

The coffee supplied is far superior to anything else on the market. Being a café owner, I’m constantly sampling coffee from other cafes to see what they are using, and nothing comes close to the taste of a Campos coffee.

I always recommend to people opening new cafes to try Campos first. Especially for someone opening a café for the first time, the experience, and products that Campos supply are second to none.