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"Campos proudly wins 2020 AICA Champion Australian Roaster Aw..."
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AICA aware on Campos Superior bag

Campos proudly wins 2020 AICA Champion Australian Roaster Award


It has been a massive 6 months here at Campos, experiencing both exciting and challenging times like many have faced during recent months. One of the more exciting events we are yet to fully celebrate is being named as the 2020 Champion Australia Roaster at the Australian International Coffee Awards (AICA).

Held annually by the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria (RASV), AICA sees a panel of industry experts recognise and celebrate the highest levels of craftsmanship in local and international coffee roasting. The panel includes roasters, green bean buyers, trainers, and educators working in coffee.

The AICA is the only international roasting competition in Australia, receiving more than 800 entries from over 180 exhibitors from around the world including New Zealand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, Singapore, Canada, the USA and UK. Coffee roasters are invited to submit their coffees into four primary categories:

  1. Espresso (blend & single origin)
  2. Milk-based Coffee (cappuccino)
  3. Filter Coffee
  4. Cold Brew Coffee

Submissions are independently judged and awarded a number of medals and trophies, of which the highly esteemed Champion Roaster Trophy forms the pinnacle of success.  Everything came together for us this year with our team taking home 3 of the available 7 trophies including the Champion Australian Roaster. This demonstrates not only the caliber of the producers we work with, but also our continued commitment to develop and maintain the highest quality coffee program in the country.

“Every award is meaningful and this year we have seen our share of Gold Medals across the four competitions we have entered. Winning the AICA Roaster of the Year award is massive!  This was the final competition for the coffee season and definitely our biggest win. Everyone works so hard to deliver quality. From the farmers, to the sourcing team, to the roasters. This award validates the efforts and years we have spent living and breathing specialty coffee together.“ – Will Young, Founder.

In addition to taking home the top gong, Campos also brought home the Champion Direct Trade or Microlot Coffee Trophy with our Panama Esmeralda Super Mario Geisha. This award recognises the most exceptional microlot of the competition where the roaster has a direct relationship with the producer.

“We have been working with the Peterson Family of Hacienda Esmeralda since 2009 and their Geisha is a highlight in our seasonal microlot program every year. Over the years we have visited annually and delight in spending time with the whole Peterson family.  This year in particular was very special as we worked on the coffee roasting with Rachel Peterson here in Sydney during her most recent visit, cupping and refining the roast degree together at Campos HQ.  By collaborating with the producer, the person who knows the coffee best, this enabled us to realise and unlock the full potential of this truly special lot, it really doesn’t get more direct than that.”  – Lloyd Thom, Green Bean Buyer.