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Direct Trade for Campos Coffee

As far as legends of the Specialty Coffee world are concerned, the La Minita estate will always hold a place in history as one of the first, and their continuous commitment to uncompromising excellence will ensure they stay on top for years to come.  Known to be the first coffee to ever be marketed as an estate coffee, they were influential for all farms to follow.  Owner Bill McAlpin clearly knows the importance of his estate as a brand.  The production is strictly limited, with only 15% of the pickings actually making it through sorting to become the La Minita.  The processing is 100%.  Everything is maintained, monitored, and continuously improved.  The proof is always in the cup- the coffee hums with quality.

This is another Rainforest Alliance coffee, but what La Minita does for its workers goes far beyond the usual perks and bonuses.  The farm has a dentist's office on site, with a dentist who comes once a week to give care to all the full time workers and their families.  There is also housing provided, regular healthcare, and sometimes even land provided to the workers! 

We do not mind paying humungous prices for this coffee when the cup is so consistently excellent, and the social programs offered to their workers are so generous. 

The Cup: pure buttery mouthfeel, milk chocolate tones, and depth.  Refreshing uplifting finish.

Our next shipment arrives in May 2012.



The following is a post from immediately following last year's visit:

January 21, 2011

The purpose of the trip was to check on the background of all our coffees in our bid to make our primary blend (The Campos Superior) 100% traceable by 2012.  We want to see exactly what the farms are doing with regard to sustainability and social responsibility.

Costa Rica was a fine start.  We visited a farm in the mountains of Los Santos somewhat near San Jose named La Minita.  It was all Specialty coffee being grown there - red cherries only picked at high altitudes.  Serious sorting out of defects and attention to every detail at every stage of preparation.  The coffee is certified Rainforest Alliance - which is a big deal now that we have witnessed first hand what goes into the certification process.  What we liked most about Rainforest Alliance (RA) was the obvious accountability of the certification.  There were clearly defined rainforest exclusive zones which were to remain untouched by any development or farming.  As well, there was significant canopy over the coffee fields and a good diversity of trees throughout.  RA also demands that certain social responsibilities be fulfilled by the farms to the workers.  La Minita had an easy time filling this one - they already had free housing, healthcare, amenities for their workers.  They also support the nearby town by funding a sports team, the playing field, and a school.

The coffee was pretty special.  The founder of the farm is dedicated to quality - and has insisted the inclusion of a lower yielding, but higher quality variety of coffee named the Hybrida Tica (Costa Rican Hybrid), into the fields.  He has built this to 20% of the total crops.  Overall, the coffee i

La Minita

We enjoyed a cupping session with their head of quality control Sergio Cruz.  His cupping talent was top notch and it was a pleasure to meet such a qualified taster in such a meticulous operation. Coming Soon



Country Of Origin Costa Rica
Farmer William McAlpin
Region Tarrazu, Central Costa Rica
Elevation 1210 to 2130m
Harvesting September - February
Varietal Typica, Caturra, Hybrido Tico
Processing Fully Washed
Certifications Rainforest Alliance
Status Shade Tree Trimming