Café Enzo


Address Cnr Broke and Ekerts Rd, Pokolbin, NSW
Phone 02 4998 7233
Opening Hours 7 days 8-5
Owner Melissa Blanch
Barista Caitlin Fitzgibbon

Good Coffee in the Hunter!  And friendly, attentive service to all!  We couldn’t imagine this being found in the Hunter Valley until Melissa and Caitlin showed up out of nowhere in search of a coffee brand upgrade.  These people are simply lovely and we jumped at the chance to join forces with them at their stunning operation in the Hunter Valley.

The place is just what you hope to see when you dream of taking the weekend off in wine country: Authenticity is a big ask in such a tourist-laden area, but have no fear, authenticity is their specialty!  (along with the best coffee in the Hunter of course!)

Situated within Peppers Creek Village, amongst beautiful Tuscan inspired sandstone buildings, gardens and Italian inspired fountain, you really feel like you are on the vacation you spent two hours in the car for.  Open for breakfast, lunch and morning or afternoon tea, the sundrenched courtyard provides the perfect back drop to sit back and enjoy a solid, dependably excellent meal.

The colder months are also perfectly catered for, with an antique open fire place to enjoy hearty winter meals and a local red – as David Hook wines cellar is situated just next door and features on Enzo’s  wine list. While you’re there you can also browse through The Stone Pantry, full of handpicked and locally sourced ingredients and produce to take away with you.

I usually base my vacation on the food I can find to eat in that area- even if it means returning to that same place four days in a row!  If the service is there and they remember your face after the second day, well then the vacation raises up a notch in my books.  If the coffee is good there- well I am in vacation heaven!  Café Enzo makes the Hunter Valley a destination for vacation heaven.  (and there are also some great places for wine while you are up visiting Enzo- a great idea to fill in the time between lunch and dinner!)