India Balmaadi Estate Organic

March 2012

As far as Indian Coffees go, it is difficult to beat the Balmaadi Estate coffee.


 Twice, this coffee has won the prestigious Flavour of India Award: 2007 for best Estate Branded Coffee and Best Organic Coffee, and 2004 for the Finest Arabica Coffee.  The Estate appears to be a mystical tribute to nature and organic practices situated in the Nilgiris district of the Southern state of Tamil Nadu.  The location is also home to the fascinating Toda tribes which many say are a lost Greek regiment of Alexander the Great.  Check their website for more information and to see just how dedicated to nature this estate is.  Everything, especially their coffee, is a “celebration of nature as the Supreme One”.  Even the name Balmaadi is an Anglification of the Tamil word “Palmaadi”, which means the udder of a cow and refers to the streams that all meet up in the estate and are “a source of life in the Valley.”  The Coffee too takes on a blessed form.  Usually, Indian Kent Variety arabican coffee is very aggressive in nature, but this one has been blessed with a sweet burnt caramel finish and a hearty, complex body which lifts the coffee to another plane.  Thank you Supreme One for this cup.

Our Guest Taster:

Karen Reyment

Karen Reyment

author of '2012 Foodies Guide to Brisbane'

We always find it fascinating how reviewers are so much lovelier than anyone would ever imagine.  Currently, Karen is working on the 2013 edition of the Foodies Guide to Brisbane, so she has a great deal on her plate (P.U.N.’s abound here), but that clearly does not hinder her wide-eyed love for flavours and all things food.  Watching her at work is awesome.  Many tasters need a little pushing to get them started on finding original flavours in the coffees at hand.  Not so with Karen.  She was totally in her element and what we admired most was her steadfastness to the cause.  She drove this tasting session and would not finish until she was satisfied that her job was thorough and complete.
Below are her notes on the Balmaadi Estate Organic:

The Coffee

Country Of Origin India
Region Nilgiris District, Tamil Nadu
Elevation 1200 – 1800masl
Varietal Kent
Processing Fully Washed, Sundried, Organic
Certifications Awards: Flavour of India 2004, 2007
Dry Aroma Smoked wood, herbaceous, sweet
Wet Aroma Malt, hints of cinnamon and pink peppercorn, wet forest floor earthiness, spice,

The Cup

Acidity Punchy
Body Medium
Flavours overcooked cookie, a littleLemon sherbet, or lemon oil, fruit seed/ peach pith, More is revealed as this one cools.
Mouthfeel Long and soft, but still a little punchy.