Coffee of the Month - Archive

Colombia Roberto Achicue's Micro-Lot December 2012 Colombia Roberto Achicue's Micro-Lot If you have not fallen in love with Colombian coffee yet, then let this be your final test. If you do not wholly enjoy this coffee for its amplified, balanced character in the cup carried by a honeycomb, candy sweetness on the palate, then you can rest assured that you will never be a fan. Read More
Guatemala Finca La Perla November 2012 Guatemala Finca La Perla We were first introduced to Finca La Perla when we won their coffee in the 2011 Cup of Excellence auction. They placed 9th overall for the country. Read More
Papua New Guinea Baroida Estate - Old October 2012 Papua New Guinea Baroida Estate - Old Last season was a tough year for PNG. The coffee industry was put on standstill as a result of the national elections. Tribal warfare is rife during election years and this is very disruptive to everything including the coffee industry. Farmers plan for the disruption by pruning their trees severely with hopes of a bigger harvest the following year. Read More
El Salvador El Manzano Natural September 2012 El Salvador El Manzano Natural What is most important in natural (dry) processing is strict adherence to systems. The coffee cherries are picked and then not pulped. They are dried with the fresh fruit on the bean. If the coffee is not tended to properly, then the result in the cup is fermented and terrible. Read More
Brazil Cup of Excellence Lot #3 Sitio Araucaria August 2012 Brazil Cup of Excellence Lot #3 Sitio Araucaria This month we are pushing boundaries and expanding horizons in the Coffee of the Month Club to bring you a coffee that is remarkably different from our usual. The main point of difference: this is a light roast coffee! Sweet big roasted hazelnut flavours with a lingering finish. Elegant, well balanced, and creamy. The international Jury scored this one 90.27. Read More
Kenya Marumi AATop July 2012 Kenya Marumi AATop Such great Kenyan coffee coming ou this year! And these guys are proud of their efforts to conserve water and ensure the used water does not hurt the environment. Read More
Ethiopian Yirga Cheffe FTO Peaberry June 2012 Ethiopian Yirga Cheffe FTO Peaberry A combination of all the peaberries from the 2011 fair trade organics processed by our partners in Yirga Cheffe. Surprisingly consistent and lively with complex melon and floral notes. Read More
Bolivian Jacinto  Titirico May 2012 Bolivian Jacinto Titirico Bolivian coffee can be summed up in three words: Artisan, Authentic and Rustic. Read More
Kenya - Yadini AA Top April 2012 Kenya - Yadini AA Top MICRO-LOT GRAND CRU. The first AA Top of the new season. Read More
India Balmaadi Estate Organic March 2012 India Balmaadi Estate Organic As far as Indian Coffees go, it is difficult to beat the Balmaadi Estate coffee. Read More
Rwanda Maraba III Sovu  Cup of Excellence Lot 10 February 2012 Rwanda Maraba III Sovu Cup of Excellence Lot 10 “BUY THIS COFFEE” was what I wrote next to number 10 after a week of tasting the top entries with the international jury of the Cup of Excellence in Rwanda. Read More
Ethiopian Sidamo  Moredocofe Organic January 2012 Ethiopian Sidamo Moredocofe Organic Two things surprised us when we first hit the ground in Ethiopia. First, the serving sizes of typical meals are humungous. Second, all our coffee was farmed in seriously lush rainforest- baboons and all! Read More