Colombia La Cuadra CoE#18

August 2015

We are thrilled to announce this month’s feature coffee as La Cuadra, a top 20 winner from this year’s Colombia Cup of Excellence. Ideal for espresso, this notably sweet coffee possesses an abundance of sugary notes including caramel, vanilla bean and milk chocolate, followed by fruity aromatics such as ripe red apple and plum.
Our team chose La Cuadra as this month’s coffee royalty after it won a blind cupping session here at HQ. When we choose a Cup of Excellence coffee, we gather together a group of staff from across the board to blind-taste a selection of beans. For this particular session, La Cuadra was the standout favourite.
La Cuadra is a family-run farm in the Norte De Santander region of North Colombia. We make around three trips to this region each year.
Thousands of coffees are submitted for consideration to the Cup of Excellence competitions each year, with winning coffees auctioned on an online platform, and the majority of proceeds going to winning farmers. The competition is rigorous, with cupping evaluations conducted by international industry experts.
Who better to be our guest taster this month than Paul Songer, internationally-renouned coffee tasting expert, author and one of the longest-serving judges at the Cup of Excellence. We were thrilled when Paul, based in the US, dropped by our HQ in Broadmeadow for this very special cupping session.
We hope you love La Cuanda as much as we (and our good friend Paul) does! Enjoy.

Our Guest Taster:

Paul Songer

Paul Songer

Expert in Sensory Analysis and Cup of Excellence Head Judge

They say that to become a true expert at anything, a minimum of 10,000 hours must be spent practising that one thing.  That is just over one hour per day, over a six day working week for 30 years… we believe, when it comes to coffee tasting, Paul is the expert. Paul’s experience and knowledge of coffee and sensory analysis is incredibly insightful. Here are his notes:
“Like most Cup of Excellence Coffees, this is notably sweet. At this Roast Degree, it has an abundance of sugar-browning notes, caramel, vanilla and maple. It also shows some notable fruit aromatics, such as dried cherry and the Concord Grape one often finds in Andean coffees.
The Syrupy body should make it especially suitable for espresso and it has a long sweet finish”.

The Coffee

Country Of Origin Colombia
Farmer Jorge EliƩcer
Region Norte De Santander
Elevation 1750 - 1850m
Varietal Castillo
Processing Washed
Certifications Cup of Excellence Lot #18
Dry Aroma Brown sugar, Vanilla bean, Concord grape, Dried cherry

The Cup

Body Syrupy, Long sweet finish, Complex orange, Apple acidity
Flavours Complex, Dried green apples, Black grape, Red plum