Costa Rica Vara Blanca De Dota CoE Lot#8

October 2014

The whole specialty coffee world is talking about how amazing the Costa Rican coffees have been this year. They are dominating the scene for 2014 and this winning coffee from the Cup of Excellence competition shouts this message loud and clear. This coffee has a hefty and definite presence. In the cup it begins saturated in black currants with a buttery body and finishes with a pleasant lingering of sweet berries and caramel. 

I participated on the jury of this competition in Costa Rica this year. After a week of tasting all of the coffees through the stages and seeing the best ones rise to the top, the week culminates with the closing ceremony. Before the winners are announced, the members of the jury are invited to have round table discussions with all the farmers who have arrived to collect their awards. 
This is a wonderful opportunity for the farmers and the jury members to share their thoughts on the country’s coffee for the year. 

At our table, we had the pleasure of sitting with Marcos Chacon Madrigal, his wife, and his 14 year old daughter.More than any other farming group, this young family was fully engaged. Dressed in their finest clothes and hanging off every word, they sat on the edge of their chairs the entire time. All of their eyes were equally electric, this was their first Cup of Excellence and it was clear this experience meant the world to them. They took notes, participated fully in every discussion, and handed out business cards to everyone in the room. Everything they had was invested in their 1 –hectare farm and placing in the Cup of Excellence had been their goal for the entire year. 

When they were called to the podium to receive their award for 8th place in the best Costa Rican Cup of Excellence competition ever, you could see the pride beaming out of each of their faces. Their shared dream had been realized and a new future stood before them. All because of this coffee right here.



Our Guest Taster:

Chris Sidwa & Andrew Fineran

Chris Sidwa & Andrew Fineran

Batch Brewing Company

When these guys contacted us to work with them on their coffee beer projects, we immediately said “Yes please” and “We are happy to taste any and all test samples that might come along…Please.” These guys have only been operating for a year and they are making a big splash in not just the beer scene, but the foodie scene overall. Much like how Campos Coffee began, they have their micro-brewery in a small, unassuming space in the backstreets of the Inner West of Sydney. The space is totally focussed on their craft: specialty batch beers with unique flavours. When you drop by and enjoy a mason jar of their brew, you can see (and taste) the dedication they have to the integrity and sustainability of their product, and the happiness of their customers. 

Right now, they are serving the Campos Milk Stout. This is served using the same special nitrogen infusion taps as Guiness Stout. The Campos Coffee adds a “subtle fruity character which complements the texture of the milk sugar and nitrogen gas.” Worth a visit for sure! We love it (of course) and there is something exhilarating about combining coffee and beer! Especially when enjoying a stout in the afternoon on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday when they open their doors to the public. 

We will be supplying them with coffees for future projects and
both sides are excited about what lies ahead. Stay tuned for the next batch!

See their Costa Rica Vara Blanca De Dota cupping notes below;

The Coffee

Country Of Origin Costa Rica
Farmer Marco Chacon
Region TarrazĂș
Elevation 1900m
Varietal Red Catuai
Processing Semi-Washed
Certifications Cup of Excellence Lot#8
Dry Aroma Dark honey, chocolate and hazelnut
Wet Aroma Caramelised banana

The Cup

Acidity Prominent apple
Flavours Berries, red fruit, melon caramel, butterscotch
Mouthfeel Sticky, creamy