Nicaragua Santa Adelaida CoE #23

August 2014

We at Campos Coffee are thrilled to introduce the Nicaragua Cup of Excellence winning lot from Santa Adelaida. This new coffee exhibits a bright and distinct cup with pronounced tropical fruits, spiced apple, pistachio and a lovely toffee finish. We have been eagerly awaiting this coffee’s arrival as the start of our run on award winning Cup of Excellence lots for 2014. 

Most of this award winning coffee makes its way to Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Norway and the US. Only a couple of lots head to Australia. Seems like destiny had its way when the winner of our blind cupping session held in Campos Coffee HQ was revealed to be none other than Santa Adelaida! The South Australian tasters were over the moon! Santa Adelaida is located in the Nueva Segovia region of Nicaragua.

The story of Nueva Segovia isheartwarming. Years of war and social turmoil prevented the country, and especially Nueva Segovia from gaining traction in the Specialty Coffee market. Issues in the coffee market prevented a Cup of Excellence competition from taking place last year. The farmers of the region powered through the tough times. They applied enormous efforts to their crops and listened to their customers in buying markets intently. This year, over 80% of the winning coffee lots emerged from Nueva Segovia and established this region as one of the top producing regions in the world.

This is one of the many reasons we love the Cup of Excellence program. Through a competition where everything is judged purely on quality in the cup (the coffees are all judged blind), monumental efforts can be recognized immediately and entire regions can enjoy a boom in interest for their coffees as a result. Prices go up, farmers smile, and so do we.

Our Guest Taster:

Travis Giansiracusa

Travis Giansiracusa

of Tonic Personal Training, Carlton, Melbourne

Travis Giansiracusa, the owner of Tonic Personal Training and an early regular at our Flagship Melbourne café, is all about balance. His passion for fitness is equally matched with his obsession for good food and wine. Ask him what he preferred, cracking the 3-hour mark at the Paris marathon or cracking a bottle of ‘96 Dom and he is hard pressed to choose. Does fitness and gastronomy go together? Travis thinks so. “It creates a balance,” he says. “And I like to show my clients that it can be done; you can really enjoy your food and wine and still live a fit and healthy life.” 

This enthusiasm has gotten him to the finish line at 11 marathons across the globe, three Ironman Triathalons (a 3.8km swim, 180km cycle and 42km marathon) and a 90k Ultramarathon. It has also helped him establish a mighty impressive collection of French wines. Coffee is a big part of Travis’s day (you’d expect that with regular 4am starts) and his coffee machine is a huge part of his business. He says, “It gets my earlymorning clients in the door. Some refuse to train without starting with a coffee.”

Every week, a group of us here at Campos Coffee Melbourne are put to the test with a dynamic training session tailored by Travis. So we thought we’d get some pay pack and try out his cupping acuity. Core strength won’t help you here, Travis.

See his notes below;

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The Coffee

Country Of Origin Nicaragua
Farmer Marco Tulio BendaƱa
Region Nueva Segovia
Elevation 1200m
Varietal Hibrido
Processing Washed
Dry Aroma Vanilla, hazelnut, pistachio, caramel
Wet Aroma Warm spices, chocolate, butterscotch

The Cup

Acidity Mostly citric and apple
Body Full and velvety
Flavours Chocolate, caramel, hazelnut, tropical fruit, winter spices, red delicious apple
Aftertaste Lingering Caramel and Toffee