Kenya Kiangoi AA

July 2015

We are so happy to place the Kenya Kiangoi as our July Coffee of the Month. This coffee fits the exact flavour profile of what we look for in a Kenya AA: big, bold and super juicy with immediate blackcurrants on the palate. This is followed up by cherry, vanilla bean and port wine tasting notes.
What makes Kenyan coffee taste even better this year is Campos’s new commitment to our Kenyan exporting partners. For every kilogram of Kenyan coffee that we purchase, we contribute an extra fixed amount on top of the asking price, which we call a Sustainability/ Farmer training premium. This premium goes towards the Thirikwa Coffee Cooperative, an underprivileged cooperative near Kiangoi. This cooperative is made up of roughly 1550 members and most of these farmers have around 100 trees from which they derive their income. This premium is a strategic and planned approach to helping farmers improve the quality of their product and increase the price they receive for their coffee.
The Campos Superior Blend, used in most of our espresso bars, contains a significant portion of Kenyan coffee in the recipe - so our contributions this year have been significant, with over $40,000 in funding. So far, this funding has been used to open up new points for coffee cherry collection and in purchasing a new tractor and trailer to aid in more efficient transport of cherry from these points to the mill. We are also funding new (massive!) electronic scales at collection points, as well as training associated with fair and effective bookkeeping.
This is what makes us get out of bed in the morning – projects like this, and the taste of fine Kenyan AA coffee! Enjoy.


Our Guest Taster:

Colin Sheppard

Colin Sheppard

Builder/Winemaker/Owner of Flaxman Wines

Introducing this month’s guest taster, Colin Shepphard of Flaxman Wines. As both a wine producer and a cook, Colin really knows his flavours. 
He and his wife Fiona run a small vintage vineyard in Flaxman Valley, Victoria, where they produce their highly acclaimed Flaxman Wines.
All vines are hand-tendered by Colin and his wife who follow organic principles in the winemaking process.
You might also recognise Colin as a competitor from Series 6 of Masterchef, where he made it to the Top 10!
Last month, Colin travelled to Campos Coffee HQ in Sydney for an early-morning cupping session, where he and the team compared wine tasting with coffee cupping: “I absolutely loved it!” he said. “Great way to start the day and I learnt a lot. Thanks for so much for having me.”

The Coffee

Country Of Origin Kenya
Farmer Rung’eto Co-operative Society
Region Kirinyaga
Elevation 1700 - 2000m
Varietal SL28 & SL34
Processing Washed
Dry Aroma Dark fruit, floral, rosemary, cassia

The Cup

Acidity Blackcurrant, red wine, intense, clean and crisp
Body Juicy, big palate weight