Brazil Fazenda Rainha COE Lot #13

April 2014

Two Brazil coffees in a row ! Only in special circumstances would we ever consider repeating the same origin in consecutive months and, well, we think this is a special circumstance.












Fazenda Rainha is the most successful farm in Brazil. Over the last 14 years they have been finalists in 10 Cup of Excellence competitions, which is quite the achievement in such a massive coffee producing country.

Brazil now has two competitions each year. The first competition is for the Early Harvest, where coffee cherries are harvested and then pulped immediately before being dried and processed. Using this method, the coffee can be processed quickly and the mills can handle the huge volumes of coffee being brought in from the peak harvest. Our March coffee of the month was from this harvest and had the typical chocolate / caramel clean flavours you would expect from coffees processed in this period.

This month’s coffee is from the Late Harvest competition. In the late harvest, Brazil processes mostly natural coffees, which is where the coffee cherry is picked and laid out in the sun with the cherry fruit still on the bean. This demands much more space, time, and attention. As such, when production is starting to taper towards the end of the season, resources are available for the task. In this processing technique, the flavours of the coffee cherry fruit seep into the coffee bean itself and this is easily picked up in the cup.

At Fazenda Rainha the success is shared. All the workers are provided  with free housing, schoolong and unlimited health care. When the governing body asked the workers what more they would like, they voted to have a place to worship. Hence, they were given a chapel, but not just any chapel! The one pictured at the top of the page, left. Stunningly designed by the most famous designer in Brazil:  Oscar Niemayer.  

Positioned on the highest peak in the farm, the structure is glorious. As is the cofffee........

Our Guest Taster:

Noam Kazir

Noam Kazir

of Coffee Tea and Me. Redfern, Marrickville, Potts Point

Wander up Redfern Street in Sydney and you’ll notice a large “Hardware” sign perched atop a ramshackle awning. The second thing you’ll see is that, huddled beneath this awning, there is a crew of very content locals sipping away at their coffee. And last but not least you’ll notice the teeny (11-square-metres to be exact) cafe that they’ve poured out from. Welcome to Coffee Tea & Me.
Noam Katzir opened the Redfern cafe back in 2011 and since then has opened two others in Sydney. The cafes’ inviting interiors, a rustic mix of recycled furniture alongside bits they built themselves (their latest invention is a stool made from old-school scales), anchor the fast-paced surroundings that ensure coffee-lovers get their hit posthaste.
Like they say – good things come in small packages.


See his notes below:

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The Coffee

Country Of Origin Brazil
Farmer Fazenda Sertãozinho LTDA
Region São Sebastião da Grama
Elevation 1350 masl
Varietal Icatú
Processing Natural
Dry Aroma Heavy fruits, dried apricots, cocoa, pecan, fragrant.

The Cup

Acidity Tartaric acidity
Body Medium to heavy. Delightful.
Flavours Rum n raisin, pecan, red globe grapes, cherries, dark chocolate, buttered fruit toast, taffy
Mouthfeel Smooth, lingers well, clean.