El Salvador La Esmeralda CoE Lot#9

September 2014

Our newest Cup of Excellence winning coffee hits you with a blast of sweet panela flavours followed by dark cherry, plum and caramel. Very syrupy, sweet and bright in the cup, we are very excited about this one and we are so looking forward to running it through our espresso machines. 

There is a serious coffee disease running through Latin America, and over the last couple of years, it has hit El Salvador very hard. This disease is a fungus named ‘roya’ or ‘leaf rust’ and it has had a devastating effect on production and quality within the farms. The International Coffee Organization estimates up to 74% of the Salvadorian crop was affected by rust in the 2013 season, and up to 50% for this year. 

Many had sincere fears about the survival of Specialty Coffee in El Salvador, and especially coffee of the bourbon varietal, like this coffee here from La Esmeralda. These fears were put to rest by a spectacular Cup of  Excellence competition this year. The lots entered into the competition represent the cream of the crop from each farmer and the quality was astonishing in comparisonto 2013. Campos Coffee breathed a sigh of relief…

Finca La Esmeralda is a small farm with a total area of only 9 hectares. Farmer Oscar Roberto Murgas Linares and his wife Maria Esmeralda Gutierrez
de Murga are diligent in their approach to farm management. This is their second placing in the competition. In 2011, they placed 41st and they are
energised by their top ten placement for 2014! Roasters will be lining up for their coffee now (and we’ll certainly be at the front of that line for next season!)

Our Guest Taster:

Vilma Zuniga

Vilma Zuniga

Campos Coffee Queensland Intern

Vilma worked for IHCAFE (Honduran Institute of Coffee) for around 3 years as an environmental technical assistant of the wet processing program. There she provided farmers technical assistance in good practices for processing coffee to manage solid and liquid wastes. In addition, coordinated a renewable energy project which contributed to the development of a national strategy of adaptation of coffee to climate change. In 2013 Vilma also participated in a delegation representing Honduras, at the Specialty Coffee Association of Japan.
During that time, she had the opportunity to participate in COE competitions in 2012 and 2013 as an interpreter between farmers. It was at the last COE we met Vilma, and upon learning that she was coming to Brisbane to further her studies, we naturally asked her if she would like to work with us. You will now see Vilma running our weekend cupping sessions at Campos in Brisbane.
Vilma is currently studying a Master of Environmental Management at the University of Queensland and when she goes back to Honduras, hopes to continue working in the coffee industry and to one day have her own farm. 

The Coffee

Country Of Origin El Salvador
Farmer Oscar Roberto Murgas
Region Ahuachapan
Elevation 1350m
Varietal Bourbon
Processing Semi-Washed
Dry Aroma Caramel, Pineapple, Complex Fruits, Dark Berry

The Cup

Acidity Medium Level Tartaric Acidity, Complex
Body Solid, Buttery and Velvety
Flavours Caramel, Chocolate, Plum, Blackberry
Aftertaste Long-Lasting