Mexico Teocelo CoE Lot#7

November 2014

This is a stand out specialty coffee micro-lot. We released this a week early ahead of the Coffee of the Month and, well, there is not much left! Mexican coffee is so well geared towards the Australian market and we are always astounded by the momentous reception it receives from the public. This coffee has a bright cherry acidity with deep, clear, dark, berry and grape flavours. The structure of the coffee holds up extremely well when prepared as an espresso, and when milk is added, the result is very sweet, chocolaty and powerful.

Mexico is an emerging specialty coffee origin. The Cup of Excellence competition has been in operation for three years now and every year the number of entries increases and the coffee improves. Historically, Mexico has been known to produce cheap, pretty good coffee to be used as a “blender” by large commercial coffee corporations in their large scale blends. Many pioneers of the Specialty Coffee industry knew there was much more quality in the country and the Cup of Excellence program has again helped to shine a light towards those whose coffee deserves to be kept away from being lost in enormous blends.

Keeping Teocelo away from any blend is a real blessing. The farmer Ernesto Rodriguez Luna is a biologist turned coffee farmer. He has applied sustainable agro ecological practices to produce this stunning coffee which we believe deserved to place higher in the rankings that the overall 7th place it was rewarded. It is certainly one of our best Cup of Excellence lots yet, and our finest Mexican we have ever brought in. Enjoy this one while it lasts! 







Our Guest Taster:

Jan Wristen

Jan Wristen

Head Barista at Fifteen Pounds

We first got to know Jan as head barista at 15 Pounds, an all-day (and occasional nighttime) eatery by Fairfield Station in Melbourne’s north. 15 Pounds does a roaring trade and is one of our busiest accounts. Much of that success is owed to the skills and attitude of the man behind the espresso machine.

After many a coffee-centric conversations, we thought we had the guy pegged. Then he handed over an illicit looking wax-sealed bottle of hot barbecue sauce, marked Contraband. We realised there was more to this barista than anticipated. The Toronto native is at the cusp of Melbourne’s burgeoning American Barbecue scene. With the belief that the humble barbecue can do more than just scald sausages, he approaches the craft of smoking, slow cooking and glazing meat with a steadfast dedication to flavour. It’s a passion he takes seriously, in February he and his team will compete for the right to represent Australia at prestigious barbecue contests in the United States.

Jan’s small-batch hot barbecue sauce – the fore-mentioned Contraband – began life two years ago as a basic recipe that has slowly evolved. He sells to friends and via word of mouth but right now, you can also get a taste at Sparrow’s Philly Cheese Steak on Gertrude Street, Fitzroy. The sauce is sweet, smoky and sticky and it packs a serious punch. There are two secret ingredients, he says, “A lot of bourbon that isn’t cooked off so its quite alcoholic, and Campos Coffee.” 

The Coffee

Country Of Origin Mexico
Farmer Ernesto Rodriguez Luna
Region Veracruz
Elevation 1300 m
Varietal Typica
Processing Washed
Certifications Cup of Excellence winning lot #7
Dry Aroma Dried grape, caramel, toffee
Wet Aroma Spiced rum, sweet

The Cup

Acidity Subtle grape acidity
Body Smooth, balanced, rounded
Flavours Berries, red fruit, melon, caramel, butterscotch
Mouthfeel Creamy, clean
Aftertaste Rounded, wine-like