Burundi Mpanga CoE Lot #15

November 2015

Our feature coffee this month comes from the incredible coffee producing region of Burundi, East Africa. Coffee is the chief export revenue of this small, impoverished country, where more than half the population is employed in coffee production.
Located between Rwanda, Tanzania and the Congo, Burundi is ranked fifth on the list of the top ten poorest countries in the world.  The country struggles to break free from a complicated and tragic history, only recently experiencing civil unrest during its 2015 Presidential Campaign in May.
Despite the unrest (which included violent protests and a one-day coup), the planned Cup of Excellence (COE) Burundi 2015 program took place in August in the capital Bujumbura, where Campos proudly took part on the judging panel. Our Head Roaster, Adam Matheson, traveled to Burundi and had this to say:
“It was heartwarming to see so much joy on the faces of these coffee farmers when they heard their coffee was reaching lands as far away as Australia. That it was being enjoyed in cafes and that people were talking about ‘coffee from Burundi’ seemed like reward enough for them. To know that they would receive a much greater price for their coffee through the Cup of Excellence auction was like an added bonus. They really are a very proud people!”.
Produced at high elevation in the Kayanza region, the Mpanga washing station was built in 2008 under the initiative of Jean-Clement Birabereye, who manages the mill and represents farmers through trading company SEGEC. The station buys cherries from between 300 and 400 families, each with an average plot of 10-50 trees.
SEGEC offers a premium price to farmers whose coffees place in competition, motivating farmers to practice meticulous harvesting.  Since the COE program launched in Burundi two years ago, Mpanga Washing Station has received consistently high scores, including 1st and 3rd place in the 2014 COE and winning scores again in 2015.
Ideal for espresso, we love this coffee for its typically Burundian elegant and rich mouthfeel with notes of toffee, molasses and treacle. Enjoy!

Our Guest Taster:

Matt Holden

Matt Holden

Food journalist for Fairfax Media

We are extremely excited to have esteemed food journalist and major coffee enthusiast Matt Holden as our guest taster this month. Matt writes about coffee and cafes for Fairfax Media and is the Editor of The Coffee Cities Project blog. He also edited The Age Good Cafe Guide for three years from 2011-2014.
He first came across a cup of Campos when we opened our Elgin Street Store in Carlton, “As editor of The Age Good Cafe Guide at the time, I was curious to see what a Sydney roaster would bring to Melbourne,” he says.
Matt tasted complex dry aromas with sweetness on the nose with slight floral notes of violet and hibiscus. He went on to describe the complex and clean acidity of the coffee which displayed hints of lime and tropical fruit. 
Matt thoroughly enjoyed his tasting session at our Carlton café, “Having a chance to share my impressions of the coffee with Will and Matt, people who have much more experience in cupping coffee than me – it’s great to be able to compare your tasting with a couple of expert palates.”

The Coffee

Country Of Origin Burundi
Region Kayanza
Elevation 1750 - 2000m
Varietal Bourbon
Processing Washed
Certifications Cup of Excellence Lot #15
Dry Aroma Floral (hibiscus), Toffee, Molasses

The Cup

Acidity Crisp cherry, Very clean, Bright berry
Body Syrupy Red fruit Black cherry
Flavours Butterscotch, fudge, sticky mouth feel, sweet berry finish