Brazil - São Benedito CoE #4

May 2015

This is one high calibre coffee! In the cup, it is juicy and vibrant. Flavours of tropical fruit, lychee and butterscotch combine with complex, sweet grape and berry aromas to deliver one of the finest Brazil coffees of 2015. This coffee won a Presidential Award from the Cup of Excellence international jury for scoring over 90 in the competition. The final score was 92.11.
The coffee comes from a legendary pedigree as well. It is owned and operated by Antônio José Villela who is part of a farming family/ society in Carmo de Minas known as the Groupo Sertão. Members of this group hold the world record for the highest score in Cup of Excellence competitions of 95.85, and this coffee farm, São Benedito, scored 92.65 in the same year.
This is a naturally processed coffee which means it is picked from the tree and then dried with the fruit on the bean. As such, there is no water used in the process. This is very significant, as most coffee in the world is pulped right away before drying. This pulping requires water to move the coffee through the pulper and often also requires lots of water to wash the fruit off the coffee afterwards. In a world where water is becoming more and more scarce, natural coffee will become more important. We believe it is important for us to encourage the use and development of natural coffee processing. Brazil has two Cup of Excellence competitions every year. One is for coffee processed using water, and the other is strictly for natural coffees. This coffee here is from the Natural competition.
Natural processing delivers a fruity flavour to the coffee. If this is done poorly, then the fruitiness can be overpowering – often very heavy and fermented. However, if this is done well, as with this coffee here, then the flavours can become juicy, clean, and very enjoyable! So join us as we support and encourage natural coffee processing. The more we do so, the more we will have tasty coffees like the São Benedito in the future!


Our Guest Taster:

Philip Moore

Philip Moore

Owner/Distiller of Distillery Botanica

What started as two-men-in-a-shed in 2013 has grown to be a cracking little spirits company, with products sold in over 400 bars, bottle shops and restaurants throughout Australia.
“We’re not trying to change the world, we’re just trying to distil different & better booze that makes one of the nicer things in life that little bit nicer” says Owner/Distiller Philip Moore about MR BLACK, a cold drip coffee liqueur collaboration between himself and co founder Tom Baker.
Chosen as this months Guest Taster, Philip stopped by the brand new Campos Coffee headquarters in Sydney to sample/cup our Coffee of the Month, the Brazil - São Benedito where he was able to take his knowledge and experience in the fine flavours and aromas of liqueur and try his hand at cupping coffee, here are his findings...

The Coffee

Country Of Origin Brazil
Farmer Antônio José Junqueira Villela
Region Mantiqueira de Minas
Elevation 1000 -1300m
Varietal Acaiá
Processing Natural
Certifications Cup of Excellence Lot: #4
Dry Aroma fruity, pineapple, smoky, buttered toast, complex aromas.
Wet Aroma Tropical fruit, butterscotch, light and quenching mouth-feel, well balanced, crisp finish.

The Cup

Acidity Lively and crisp
Flavours raspberry, wine, very syrupy, bright tropical fruit, stone fruit, malic acidity, elegant.