Brazil Alamanda CoE#7

March 2015

Exquisite aftertaste.  This is a cup that is big on caramel right through to the finish, lingering sweetly on the palate as a reminder you have just enjoyed one of the top 10 coffees in Brazil for the year.  This coffee would be an excellent finish to an amazing, expensive dinner at a fine dining establishment.  If only fine dining had it so good!

This year Will Young attended the 100th Cup of Excellence as part of a special International Jury specifically invited to celebrate and give credence to such a significant milestone.  The first Cup of Excellence was held in Brazil 15 years ago and to have the 100th in the same country was a big big deal.  Will was honoured to be cupping with the heads of the most accomplished Specialty Coffee Roasting companies in the world. The “Dream Team” all agreed on one thing: this year’s Brazil production showed the best quality ever produced in history.  Here we have one of the top ten coffees from this momentous occasion.  This coffee achieved an overall score of 88.57 from the leading coffee judges from Brazil, Japan, Norway, Korea, America, Britain, Taiwan and Australia. 

Fazenda Alamanda is located in Araponga, which is a tiny municipality made up of 30,000 people in the Minais Gerais region.  The farm is owned by the unassuming Elenise Marcia Santana Borges, who is starting to realise exactly how skilled she is in coffee processing and farming. Brazil has two competitions for the season, representing the early and late harvests. This coffee is from the early, pulped natural, harvest. In the second competition held 4 months later in January, Elenise placed 6th for her late harvest, natural processed coffee. Big strides for a quiet, tiny farm with exquisite coffee!


Our Guest Taster:

Kylie Millar

Kylie Millar

Pastry & Fine Dessert Chef

After appearing on Australia’s Masterchef 2012, Kylie ventured out of the Masterchef kitchen and into the sweet world of pastry and fine desserts. After finishing the program, Kylie worked with many great chefs, her CV boasts colleagues and mentors such as Darren Purchese at Burch & Purchese in Melbourne; Andoni Aduriz at Mugaritz in Sans Sebastian, Spain and currently with Mark Best and Matt Germanchis at the newly opened Pei Modern Sydney. Being creative with food is Kylie’s passion - “You can bend the rules when it comes to cooking, and for me as long as you get a smile when you serve the plate up to someone, that’s the icing on the cake”.

The Coffee

Country Of Origin Brazil
Farmer Elenise Santana
Region Araponga, Minas Gerais
Elevation 1050-1250m
Varietal Catuai
Processing Pulped Natural
Certifications Cup of Excelence Lot#7
Dry Aroma Caramel, walnuts, and honey
Wet Aroma Caramel, walnuts, and honey

The Cup

Acidity Lively citric orange and pear
Flavours Lots of caramel, dark fruits, nuts, creamed honey, a touch of nutmeg Exquisite long, drawn out and refreshing aftertaste
Mouthfeel Coating, decadent and smooth